Titicaca or Intikjarka


ake Titikaka takes its name from the island called Intikjarka, which now is known as Sun’s island.

The Intikjarka name comes from two aymara language words: “inti”, ‘sun’ and “kjarka”, ‘crag’. So “intikjarka” means ‘Sun’s crag’, and today is known as "Sun's Island".

It was a secred place for the k’ullu nation (lupacas < lupilacas + pacasas<pajsi pak’asa) who lived and live around the lake and far south.

For the k’ullu nation Intikjarka was a sacred island. The bigger lake was known for them with the name of “Chukuito” and the south smaller lake was known as “Wiñaymarka”, ‘Never ending city’ in reference to Taipykala or Tiwanaku city.

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