ou can take a minibús from Bustillos and Heroes del Pacifico Av, ending Mariano Baptista Av. The bus stop is near Cementerio General of La Paz city. Callampaya zone. The service begins at 04:00 o'clock up to 19:00 o'clock. The minibuses go out every 10 minutes. And the trip takes around 1 one a half hour.

The ticket is six bolivianos (Bs. 6) Today One dolar (1 $US) buys eight bolivianos (8 Bs.)

The minibus stop in the city of Achacachi it is in Macario Escobari Av. and General Campero St. The service toward the city of La Paz begins at 04:00 o'clock up to 18:00 o'clock.

From Achacachi there is also transport–taxi cabs and minibuses—to near towns like: Santiago de Huata, Warisata, Avichaca, Suntia, and so on. The passage goes from 1 Bs. up to 5 Bs.

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