TAYPIKALA not Tiwanaku

The real name of Tiwanaku is TAYPIKALA not Tiwanaku, word that comes from two aymara words: “typi”, ‘center’, ‘middle’, ‘hub’ and “kala”, ‘stone’, ‘rock’; so the meaning is: foundation stone of between.

What about Tiwanaku? It just points out a place: the "dried up lakeside" where Taypikala was. To the question of where the city was? The pacasa ones surely responded in "thia wañacu", in "the dried up lakeside".

"Thia wañacu" are words of aymara, "thia", means ‘side’, ‘to the side’, and "wañacu" comes from "waña" which means ‘dry’. So "Thia wañacu" just means "dried up side".